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The Great Water Kingdom

Andamanda Phuket

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Gate to the magnificent gem of the ocean where mystic legends lies await your discovery.

Voyage to the Andaman’s Spectacular Treasures

When legend meets fantasy, inspried by Thai mythology of pirates legends and tales of hidden treasure. The largest leisure and entertainment destination in Phuket.

Designed with Sino-Portuguese and Thai architecture, blending famous Andaman landscapes with iconic Thai structures in the natural expression of uniqueness found in limestone cliffs, Koh Tapu, and the Andaman bay.

Impressive destination and perfect experience for everyone. A combination of “an authentic Thailand” design with iconic elements which fills visitors for all ages with happiness and complete relaxation throughout their visit. An unforgettable journey with perfect experience for everyone.

Opening Hours

Open Daily
10:00 - 19:00 for Park Zone


Pricing & Package

Adventure Explorer 1,500 THB 850 THB

(Height ≥122 cm.)

Mini Explorer 1,000 THB 550 THB

(Height 91 cm. - 121 cm.)

Beginner Explorer Free Entry

(Height ≤ 90 cm.)

Senior Explorer 1,000 THB 550 THB

(Age ≥ 60 years & up)

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