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Winner of Thailand’s

“Best attraction Award” 

Phuket FantaSea Show, winner of Thailand’s “Best attraction Award” is a unique Thai cultural theme park that any visitor to Phuket should not miss. Created at a cost of over 3,500 million Baht, Phuket FantaSea adds a whole new dimension to theme park entertainment, with marvelous attractions not found anywhere else in the world.

Legend of Kamala Buried deep beneath the sand and sea of Kamala Bay is a centuries old legend. Of an enchanted Kingdom blessed with unsurpassed beauty and bounty. Of a people full of joy and smiles, welcoming visitors from faraway lands with open arms. Of a whimsical young ruler; the Kamala Boy riding on the Heavenly Elephant, ready to sprinkle magical surprises upon his guests.


When the evening sun melts into the horizon, turning the bay aglow, the magic will begin. Emerging from the Sea of God, this legendary Kingdom will appear before you in all its timeless glory. While the wonder of the night lingers on, come experience a land where myth, mystery and magic intertwine.


Jonie in the fun and festivities of the Royal Gala, partake in the most sumptuous of feasts, indulge in the most exotic song and dance. You have heard the legend, so wait no more. The celebrations have begun. Feel the magic all around. Discover the enchanted Kingdom of Kamala at Phuket FantaSea.


Price Adult 


Price Child  


DAILY SHOW   18.00  |  19.30  |  21.00
Pick up time 17.00-17.15

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